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The Green Phial Seventh Heaven Gummies Case Box – 5

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Vegan | Nano | Small Batch | Craft Gummies

Case box of 5 packs (50 Gummies total)

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For those looking to order in bulk. Our Seventh Heaven gummies are vegan, all natural, nano-emulsified, full-spectrum, hemp infused edibles that provide maximum bioavailability. These small batch gummies contain a phytocannabinoid rich blend of 15mg D9, 15mg CBC, 15mg CBD, and 15mg CBN. This combination of cannabinoids provides a beautifully relaxed and comfortable high which pairs well with dinner and a movie, or in smaller doses as a wonderful guide towards sleep. We have found that this equal ratio of cannabinoids provides a balanced, chill, and euphoric experience.

We are committed to 100% commercially compostable food safe eco packaging for all of The Green Phial gummies. We believe our in house products to be the highest quality on the market in the United States today. Enjoy our products with true peace of mind.


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