The Green Phial is an Asheville small business based in North Carolina, and founded with a love of people, the earth, and natural wellness in mind. We utilize multiple cannabinoids to craft our true full-spectrum blends, all of which are fully federally legal as per the 2018 Farm Bill. Asheville small business

Asheville small business

Asheville Small Business – Our gummies are made in small batches right here in Asheville. We are proud to work directly with a local producer to create fully custom edible formulations. We personally customize the cannabinoid blends, colors, flavors, and terpene infusions. All of our edibles are made with a focus on human health and well-being. As such, we only utilize vegan and all natural ingredients. Our food dyes are derived from vegetables, and our terpenes are also naturally derived.

100% Compostable Packaging

To further our commitment to the earth we have printed fully custom 100% commercially compostable pouches for our gummies. These feature a child resistant seal, batch numbers, and expiration dates for reference. We have designed this packaging with the upcoming 2024 Farm Bill and NC HB 563 standards in mind.

The Green Phial – Asheville Small Business

Our water soluble products are designed with lockable child resistant pumps which provide very accurate .5ml dosing per pump. They are best utilized in a beverage, as they dissolve in water due to true nano-emulsification technology which provides maximum bioavailability. 

Both of our water soluble blends contain full panel COAs that clearly demonstrate their purity and potency. 

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