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Product Highlight - Vegan | Nano | Full-Spectrum | Water Soluble

We provide nano-emulsified true full-spectrum water soluble products. This maximizes bioavailability, delivers a quicker onset, and allows for an overall enhanced experience.water soluble tincture for sale

Our vegan, nano-emulsified, full-spectrum, hemp infused water soluble provides maximum bioavailability. This product contains a phytocannabinoid rich blend of 2.5mg D9, 5mg CBC, 5mg CBD, and 5mg CBG per dose. 

Water soluble Tincture

This combination of cannabinoids provides a beautifully focused and energetic high which pairs well with outdoor activities or simply getting work done around the house. We have found that this ratio of cannabinoids provides a balanced, uplifting, and euphoric experience.

We believe our in house products to be of the highest quality available in the United States today. This water soluble comes with a full panel COA which shows highly accurate potency and that the product is free of contaminants. 

Enjoy our products with true peace of mind.

Please Learn About Amazing water soluble Tincture Products – Buy Now!